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It's built on groundbreaking ideas.

A linear analysis model with intellectual standards inside a Q&A approach to help you think critically as a great thinker. Master writing mechanics used by great authors to write your masterpiece. It's like nothing you have used before to pass your essay, exam and grade curve.

Critical thinking

The most essential life skill ever.

Introducing a new level of quality thinking. Skilfully analyse, evaluate and reconstruct arguments for your subject, content or problem to standards of excellence. Develop your mental strength and attitude. Deliver your creative solutions with ultra clear communication. Adapt yourself to change and new ideas. You will be amazed how much richer the quality of your life and work.


Craft your next masterpiece.

This writing framework delivers the best way possible to express your arguments. Strengthen your argument inside a paragraph type. Add dynamics into your sentence to express your thought much richer than before. Create seamless transitions so it is effortless to read your work. Own original ideas with your own thoughts when paraphrasing to give a fuller and deeper understanding never before.


The greatest tool for every paper.

Our workflow is streamlined so that you will perform your best every time. Personalise 200+ stock questions to get you started on your paper straight away. Built in dictionary saves you time searching the dictionary for definitions and synonyms and it works without an internet connection. The entire process of writing a paper is all here and complete to get your paper done on time.

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intellect helps you to critically think and write A grade academic papers. It advances your critical thinking to get to the truth of the matter and writing to academic standards using a personalised Q&A approach.